Kelly & Robert’s Wedding

Purchasing her ‘Parker’ Gown from The White Room, Kelly’s gown featured a sweetheart neckline with beautiful textured lace design and delicate floral trimmed straps.

‘When I stepped foot into The Bridal Room, I picked out a Tara Lauren dress I thought it was perfect for me – Beautifully laced, so delicate yet simple. When I tried it on I instantly knew it was the one’. 

Names: Robert & Kelly

Wedding Date: July 14, 2019

Guest Numbers: 100

Wedding Location: Venue Zona E Casa Bali in Medellin,

Photographer: Juliana Franco

Tell Us Your Love Story 

How did you meet?Rob happened to be in NYC visiting his sister around the same time Kelly’s good friend was visiting her from FL.  We shared that mutual friend but never knew of each other and little did we know that trip would spark something special….an instant connection.  The long weekend had ended and Rob had to return to Miami, they couldn’t stop thinking about each other. Later that year Rob returned to the city to visit and the rest is history.

How did he put a ring on it? We were in Colombia celebrating kellys birthday.  Rob planned it all out knowing it had been over 13 years that she had actually celebrated her birthday with her parents he knew a trip to Colombia was something really meaningful. My birthday was perfect. It was filled with cake, aguardiente and lots of laughter. The following day we took a long boat ride through the mountains with the most beautiful views and had drinks and lunch in the park. When we arrived back at my parents home everyone seemed strange. Rob was acting odd and I asked him several times if everything was okay. He kept insisting it was, despite his odd behavior. The sun was about to set for the evening and I love taking photos of the sunset. So in that moment it was perfect timing for Rob to call me over to view it. He was by my parents swing set on their property over looking the tops of the mountains he began to call me over. I went to join him and started taking photos of the beautiful skyline. Again, I kept asking him if he was okay and trying to guess what was wrong with him because he was acting so strange. Little did I know my sweet thoughtful boyfriend was preparing to POP THE BIG QUESTION. Since I didn’t let him say his speech he went around me as I was on the swing, I turned around to ask one last time if everything was okay, only to find him on one knee!!! (I have no idea what he said it was all a blur). I was in shock and began to cry. It was as if the world was on pause for a moment and I was staring at my love, just him and I. It was Euphoria, I have finally found my match.

Where did you draw inspiration from? Our wedding colors were white roses and orchids and lots of plants/greenery inspo was really just garden romantic boho feels

What made the wedding personal to you? We never let the wedding take over us we kept it personal  and made sure to be in the moment every step of the way from the morning to the night

What were you most nervous or excited about? I wasn’t nervous at all I thought I was going to get this big feeling of anxiety but I never did…I just knew I wanted to soak every moment up and not worry about details not going exactly how i thought they should. I was most excited about being surrounded by everyone I cared and celebrating!

Now, the most important part – the Dress!

Tell us about your dress? My dress was made for me when I went dress shopping I didn’t know what I was looking for what styles I liked or what flattered me to be honest.  Went to a few boutiques and tried anything they suggested until I stepped foot into The Bridal Room and I picked out this Tara Lauren dress I thought it was perfectly me beautifully laced and so delicate and simple I tried it on and instantly knew it was the one.

What stockist did you get it from? The Bridal Room 

What was your most memorable moment from your day? Everything! but a fun fact was the thunderbirds performed during our wedding ceremony and it was so beautiful to look up and see why I was walking down the isle with my father

Vendors to credit: Venue Zona E Casa Bali in Medellin, Colombia // Photographer: Juliana Franco // Stockist: The White Room

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