AJ & Kristen’s Wedding

Purchasing her gown from Rhylan Lang bridal, beautiful bride Kristin tied the knot on a stunning Dairy Farm. Her dreamy wedding was inspired by their newly renovated farmhouse.

‘It was the second dress I tried on and nothing else compared to it. It was all lace, a v-cut, medium length train, lower (but not too low) cut back, and just beautiful. The lace was my favorite and it was just perfect’ 

Names: AJ & Kristen Kozak

Wedding Date: 05-25-2019

Guest Numbers: 200

Wedding Location: The Barn at the Ackerhurst Dairy Farm – Omaha, NE

Photographer: Tori Michelle Photography

How did you meet?

In our junior year of college, we actually had a a class together for an entire semester. Funny thing is, we maybe said four words to each other, of which I remember, “Did you sign this?” It was the sign in sheet for our class. AJ sat behind me everyday that entire semester.

Fast forward to almost a year later, I started seeing him around the Old Market when going out with friends. About a week or so later we connected through a dating app (I know what a millennial thing to do), but I knew who he was and couldn’t wait to meet up. We had a fun night out at two of the Irish bars in Omaha, NE, the Dubliner Pub and the Marylebone Tavern. From that night on the rest was history!

How did he put a ring on it? 

AJ is one to do an incredible amount of research on everything he purchases. So, like a true researcher, AJ got onto Pinterest to make sure he found the perfect ring. However, he didn’t need much help cause he knew me very well and knew what would be my dream ring without even asking. I was never the type of girl to want to go ring shopping because I wanted it to be a surprise.

Back in early May 2018 AJ randomly wanted to go to Colorado for Memorial Day weekend. I was totally down but super confused because we usually go to Colorado in the Fall time, and Memorial Day weekend is a pretty expensive weekend to go last minute. He found a place and everything but then we decided not to go because it was rather expensive compared to our normal weekend Colorado getaways.

That weekend AJ commented on my nails cause they had grown out from the last time I got them done (they were the dip nails and I was being lazy cause I don’t usually get my nails done) and said, “Are you going to get those done?” I looked confused and said, “No,” not thinking anything of it. Then on Monday AJ wanted to go to a nearby park that has a lake to take photos of his truck. He has an Instagram page where he occasionally posts photos of his beloved Ford (yes he is a car/truck guy, and really good at fixing/building them). It was pretty normal, so of course I threw on a random pair of jean shorts and a shirt not really caring what I looked like. He goes, “You are going to wear that?” Should have listened. He then wanted to bring food and eat there, so we swung by the store to get some sandwiches and we were off!

While at the lake AJ said we should take a photo cause it was a pretty sunset, and I then commented how I didn’t look the greatest. He just wanted to so bad. When we stood back to take the photo, he went up to make sure we were in the full photo. He came back over and said we had to do another one, and then as we were posing said, “This isn’t a photo but a video.” Then he got down on one knee and popped the question! All filmed. All a blur from that point forward, so smart thinking on his part. Something we can always cherish.

Where did you draw inspiration from? I am an avid home decorator, so I already knew the style of what I wanted for our wedding. If we could have we would have gone to Colorado to get married, but it just wasn’t in the cards due to health problems with my grandparents. Once we confirmed the location (just a few days after getting engaged), I started grabbing all the additional ideas from Pinterest.

What made the wedding personal to you? AJ and I build a lot of things together and have completely renovated our home to a farmhouse style, so the fact we were getting married at The Barn made it personal to us.

What were you most nervous or excited about? We decided not to do a first look, so I was super nervous not seeing AJ before and just walking down the aisle to him.

Tell us about your dress? It is a lace-vintage dream! I actually thought I wanted an A-line dress, but thankfully the consultant at my bridal store knew better than I did. She pulled the dress of the rack and I instantly said no, she told me to trust her. It was the second dress I tried on and nothing else compared to it. It was all lace, a v-cut, medium length train, lower (but not too low) cut back, and just beautiful. The lace was my favorite and it was just perfect.

What stockist did you get it from? I purchased it from Rhylan Lang Bridal

What was your most memorable moment from your day? Honestly, the entire day was so beautiful and so much fun. While it was a dream come true walking down the aisle to AJ, one moment I won’t forget was after the wedding. We went to a bar after to celebrate a little longer with friends and family, but on our way home we stopped at McDonald’s because I was starving. We hardly ever go there, but I was just craving some chicken nuggets (laughing as I’m typing this). We seriously waited 30 minutes to get this food and we would have NEVER waited this long. But we were just having so much fun being together, just the two of us with no one else around. This was probably my favorite moment of the day, simply because it was just the two of us.

Venue: The Barn at the Ackerhurst Dairy Farm // Photographer: Tori Michelle Photography // Food: Mangia Italiana // Cake & Cookies: HyVee // Decorations: Myself! I did everything except ordering and putting up the flowers. I had lots of help the day of from friends and family as well. And flowers were from two separate florists. // Hair and Makeup: Kara McLaughlin Artistry  // Spray Tan: No Bake Just Fake Spray Tans – Shannon // DJ: A Final Take Films & DJ – Joel

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