Grace and Merill’s Wedding

Grace and Merill’s love story quiet literally started by meeting at a party and quiet literally have love at first sight! The couple tied the knot in Calgary and was inspired by nature to create their dream day.  Purchasing her gown at Blush & Raven, Grace describes her dress as ‘It was everything I was dreaming of but put together in a way I’d never expected. It was soft, romantic and feminine with floral appliqué’. 

Names: Merrill and Grace

Wedding Date: June 23, 2019

Guest Numbers: 110

Wedding Location: Calgary, AB. Ceremony: Confederation Park / Reception: Trolley 5 Brewery

Photographer: Courtney Ingram

Tell Us Your Love Story:

We met in northern BC, in his home area. I had just moved to town (literally a week before!) when my best friend let me know we were going to a party that afternoon. I step inside this house as the new girl in town, and right away Merrill notices. He plays it cool, but really he can’t wait for the chance to meet me. We connected instantly, and that was the beginning. From day one, Merrill has pursued me so intentionally and now I get to marry him.

How did he put a ring on it? We had a date night planned so we’d gotten dressed up to go out. He picked me up with two red roses tied together (and later he told me that signifies, “will you marry me?”). So cute, right! Now Merrill is real romantic, so I didn’t expect anything from receiving flowers. He took me for a sunset drive that overlooks the downtown city lights, parked and said we’re going for a walk. He took my hand and lead me down a dirt path, around a corner, and then I gasped. I saw the aisle he created with love notes and wildflowers and candles, with the question “Will you marry me?” in big letters on the last note. He picked up his guitar and played me a love song -“Me and You” by Kenny Chesney. (also side note: up until this point I had never heard Merrill play guitar! I would tease him and tell him I didn’t think he really could since I had never heard him. well y’all, he can play.) Right after this, he got down on his knee and asked if I would marry him. I could hardly let him finish asking before I squealed yes, YES! and simply had to kiss him.

Where did you draw inspiration from? First, from nature, I love spending time outside in the summer from hikes to picnics in parks. Then I also drew inspiration from my “wedding daydreams” as a little girl. I have been the girl who had been thinking about my wedding since I was little

What made the wedding personal to you? Both my fiancé and I are not from Calgary, and all our family lives a long way away. But we decided to have our wedding in the city we live in now so with that we got to introduce all our family to our city! It was incredibly special to have our closest people travel so far to celebrate our day. Also, we used my Nana’s rugs for the aisle runner and now since our wedding she has passed so it’s become a special part.

What were you most nervous or excited about? A week prior to the wedding, I was most nervous about the weather. It was an outdoor ceremony and forecasted to rain the entire week surrounding our wedding. But the day before it stopped raining and the sun came out! The morning of our wedding it was pouring but I’m thankful it paused through our ceremony!

Tell us about your dress? It was everything I was dreaming of but put together in a way I’d never expected. It was soft, romantic and feminine with floral appliqué. And it was full of texture!

What stockist did you get it from? I found it in Calgary, Alberta at Blush and Raven! 

What was the most memorable moment of your day? The walk down the aisle will forever be the most memorable part of the day. I couldn’t smile any bigger when I first saw my groom, I felt giddy!

Vendors: Photography Tim & Court // Stockist: Blush and Raven 

Hair: Devoted by Hair 

Makeup: Makeup by Ashleigh 

Florals: Praire Girl Flowers

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