Brittany and Ryan’s Wedding

Tying the knot in their favorite destination – South Seas Island Resort – on Captiva Island, in southwest Florida. Brittany and Ryan’s wedding was filled with happiness & joy. Wearing our Assouline Gown from our 2019 Collection purchased from B Loved Bridal.

My mom actually picked it out, and at first I wasn’t planning to try it on because it wasn’t something I thought I would like … mom knows best, always. I had the “this is it” moment as soon as I tried it on. 

Names: Brittany and Ryan

Wedding Date: February 29, 2020

Guest Numbers: 150

Wedding Location: South Seas Island Resort – on Captiva Island, in southwest Florida.

Photographer: SheHeWe Photography – they are based out of Nashville, but travel all over the world for all kinds of events.

Tell Us Your Love Story

How did you meet?  We’re both from the same hometown and met in high school. Throughout high school we both were dating other people, but hung out occasionally with our mutual group of friends. Ryan mentioned in his note to me on our wedding day, that he remembered a time back in high school when him and I were having a conversation together and he realized he liked me, and hoped to one day pursue those feelings because he felt like it would lead somewhere…. and what do you know over a decade later and we got married!

How did he put a ring on it?  We got engaged in the same place we got married. Ryan had planned our engagement for over 6 months – because we had been together on and off for 12 years – so it was a long time coming and he knew it had to be perfect. Ryan’s grandparents have a house in Captiva and both of our families planned to go down for a long weekend to celebrate my brother’s 40th birthday. The whole trip was to celebrate my brother, or so I thought. It was Friday evening and we were all hanging out on the patio, listening to music, waiting to go to dinner. (Everyone knew what was about to happen, but me). Ryan switched the music and played our song – “Mine Would Be You” by Blake Shelton and turned to me and got down on one knee, while simultaneously 10 people come running through the door onto the patio. These 10 people I had NO IDEA were even in Captiva – they included some of our best friends and other family members. I was so shocked by everything I was screaming, backing away from him because I was in complete shock. He had to get up off his knee and come grab me to pull him towards him – ridiculous, I know. But I cannot explain the shock and surprise feelings I had rushing through me. I of course said YES, while blubbering through my tears, and we celebrated the rest of the evening with everyone. It was the perfect engagement, in our favorite place. Since being engaged in Captiva, we only felt it was right to get married there as well.

Where did you draw inspiration from? I never dreamt of having a beach wedding, but when we decided to go that route, my inspiration seemed very easy to come by. I love the beach and palm leaves, so I wanted to go for a beachy chic / elegant vibe, and that was also easy for me with how beautiful the views and our venue were. I always knew I wanted green incorporated into my wedding because it’s my favorite color. My bridesmaids wore a variety of sage green dresses – there was a mix of 4-5 different greens – which all flowed so well together. My bouquet and the floral arrangements were so beautiful – mixes of white blooms, with monstera leaves and other greenery, and a touch of peach blooms to give a pop of color. From the location, to the dresses, to the flowers – it all came together perfectly and truly was a dream.

What made the wedding personal to you? Captiva Island is a very special place to us because we’ve been going there for years with Ryan’s family. We have made so many memories there. We got engaged there, and it only felt right to get married there. It’s our favorite place to go together. The wedding itself was so personal because we had all of our closest family and friends there. We were lucky to have 150 guests for a destination wedding, but it was the perfect amount because we had so much love for each and every person there.

What were you most nervous or excited about? The morning of while getting ready I was mostly nervous because I had anticipated this day my whole life, and it was finally here and happening. I couldn’t believe it. I just wanted everything to go okay and as planned. Once we did our first look, all of my nerves went away. Seeing Ryan was a breath of fresh air and made me so happy. From that point on we were together the rest of the day, and the day just got better as it went on. I’ll never forget how excited we both were right after walking down the aisle after getting married – such an indescribable feeling – just pure happiness.

Now, the most important part – the Dress!

Tell us about your dress? My mom actually picked it out, and at first I wasn’t planning to try it on because it wasn’t something I thought I would like … mom knows best, always. I had the “this is it” moment as soon as I tried it on. It is called the Assouline gown. I loved all of the detail, especially the floral lace on the train. The different type of lace detail is what I loved the most, it made my dress so unique from other dresses I have seen. It was so comfortable all day, I would wear it one thousand times more if I could.  I did not search for a more simple destination wedding type dress, I searched for a dress that I would fall in love with, regardless of my venue. This dress ended up turning out perfectly for my destination beach wedding. I loved every single thing about it!

What stockist did you get it from? B Loved Bridal Boutique in Columbus, Ohio.

What was your most memorable moment from your day? There’s too many to just pick one! I think I would reference back to our first look and the moment Ryan and I walked down the aisle, as some of the most memorable. Another moment was at our reception, when everyone was circled around and Ryan and I were in the middle of the dance floor. I just remember being so happy to be in that place in that moment with my husband, while being surrounded by all of our favorite people in the world. A once in a life time feeling. The whole day was a dream come true!!

Vendors to credit: Wedding planner – Kelly McWilliams // Florist – Floral Symphony // Photo & Video – SheHeWe// Venue – South Seas Island Resort // Dress Boutique – B Loved Bridal

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