Tania & Jorge’s Wedding

From a budding romance over lunch break dates to walking down the aisle as husband and wife.

For Tania and the Isolde gown, it was love at first sight! Tania said: “I put on Isolde by Tara Lauren and instantly knew it was the one. With its romantic cap sleeves, beautiful lace detailing and subtle mermaid silhouette, it had the perfect balance of elegance and romance.”

Names: Tania and Jorge

Wedding Date: 10/24/2020

Guest Numbers: 60

Wedding Location: San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Photographer: La Fabrica de Historias

Tell Us Your Love Story

How did you meet?

Our friendship started at the University of Texas in Austin… Hook ‘Em!! Our love flourished a couple of years after graduating. We happened to work a couple of blocks away from each other. One day we met for lunch, then another day for dinner, and ice cream Friday was a total must. Before we knew it, we were spending way too much money on food…but the time we spent together was priceless. We really got to know each other spiritually, as well as personally, which is how we became best friends.

After becoming official in April 2015, we spent the next five and a half years growing and learning together. We learned that our completely different personalities somehow complemented each other perfectly. We traveled the world together, shared our goals and aspirations, and became gym buddies!!

How did he put a ring on it?

In August 2019, during a family trip to Saltillo, Mexico, we took a stroll down the Alameda, a beautiful park in the heart of the city where I used to play as a little girl. The night was bursting with life from the surrounding families and children at play…it was truly perfect. A mariachi approached us and started singing “Si nos Dejan”, and we started to dance. Jorge started to talk about life, about our future and about wanting to spend the rest of his life with me. Before the song ended, he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. I looked at him and with tears in my eyes I said yes…I could not imagine my life without him!

Where did you draw inspiration from?

We drew inspiration from the beautiful city of San Miguel de Allende, and our breath-taking and classic hillside hacienda venue, Casa Adela. We wanted to have a wedding that was intimate and romantic to reflect the atmosphere of this historic city. The color scheme of subtle pinks and earthy tones accentuated the classical beauty of the natural estate and its vibrant grounds.

What made the wedding personal to you?

The year 2020 was a hard year for a lot of us. For Jorge and I it has meant seeing family and friends get laid off from work or become sick from the virus, struggling though temporary income instability during this pandemic, postponing our wedding date, but most importantly, losing one of the most important people in my life.

Eight days before the big day we got news that my grandma, who lives in Mexico, had passed away. Jorge and I had already decided to cancel the wedding when my family approached us to let us know that they will all be there supporting us on our big day, just days after this tragedy. My grandma was the biggest advocate of seeing us get married and she would not have wanted us to cancel this day, they said. With pain in my heart I knew that to be true.

The day of our wedding was bitter sweet. I had a profound pain in my heart but found ways to feel her spirit throughout the day. As I walked into the church I knew she was with me, I felt her in my bones and saw her in my mother’s eyes, she was watching over me.

What were you most nervous or excited about?

After the prolonged wait and many hurdles we had to overcome, I was only excited about getting to marry Jorge. No nerves, just pure love!

Now, the most important part – the Dress!

Tell us about your dress? 

The dress was love at first sight. I put on Isolde by Tara Lauren and instantly knew it was the one. With its cap sleeves, beautiful lace detailing and subtle mermaid silhouette, it had the perfect balance of elegance and romance.

What stockist did you get it from?

Serendipity Bridal in Austin, TX.

What was your most memorable moment from your day?

Our venue, Casa Adela, was located 20 min from the center of San Miguel de Allende, where the church ceremony was held. After our ceremony ended, we were notified that the main road leading to Casa Adela was closed due to a car accident.

I got very nervous, but our driver, who was a local, assured us he knew another way to get back. We informed all of our guests of the situation and within 20 minutes we had a line of 15 cars following our classic 1950’s red Plymouth Special Deluxe through dirt roads, wooden bridges, and crop fields.

It was as if taken out of a movie, there I was, looking through the back windshield and seeing all my family and friends driving through this old beautiful road while holding my newly husband’s hand right next to me. Despite the delay, that 45 minute drive back to Casa Adela will go down as one of the best memories.

Vendors to credit:

Photography by La Fabrica de Historias    //   Dress Tara Lauren from Serendipity Bridal Shop    //   Wedding Planner Claustro Santa Fe    //   Venue Casa Adela    //

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