Jackie & James’ Wedding

Jackie & James’ wedding was a breathtaking elopement that captured timeless simplicity and true love.

Of her LINA gown by Tara Lauren, Jackie said: “My wedding dress was everything. The second that dress was on my body, I knew it was mine. It was just pure elegance.”

Names: Jackie + James

Wedding Date: 09.13.21

Guest Numbers: 0, We eloped and wanted the moment to be just between us two.

Wedding Location: Downtown Jacksonville, FL

Photographer: Colin Goodman Films

Tell Us Your Love Story

How did you meet?

We met on Bumble right after the pandemic hit. For our first date, James came to my house and we walked around the neighborhood for an hour, and then spent the next 5-6 hours on my back patio talking. To be honest, I think we both knew after that date that we had found our person. It was a really magical connection, and we felt very much at peace when in each other’s company.

How did he put a ring on it?

Well, James put a ring on it twice, actually! The first time was on our anniversary at Universal Studios. We went to a look out point over a lake and James asked me to marry him. He said my ring was still in the making, so he wanted to get me something temporary, but to do it together. So, we went over and together picked out a clam, which, when opened, had the most beautiful black pearl inside it. That was my temporary ring, until the one he wanted was resized and ready.
A couple of weeks later, we were at the Cummer Museum in Jacksonville, which is one of my favorite places. The Cummer Museum has beautiful gardens that cover the grounds and the Italian garden is my favorite. James proposed in the Italian Garden, with my grandmas ring, who was full blooded Sicilian. When he got down on one knee I was giggling and felt so childlike. When he asked, I paused for a minute and his response was “so, yes?” I just grabbed his face and kissed him. He slid the ring on, and it truly felt like a fairytale. The most perfect part was that it was in my favorite place and somewhere that reminds me of my grandma. It felt like she was there with us, and I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect moment!

Where did you draw inspiration from?

I found a lot of inspiration from videographers. I felt like I wanted a very cinematic moment, one that would be remembered forever and would not be out dated. I think I have always loved more simple things. My style is very black, white and neutrals, with a pop of color. I wanted timeless, chic, elegant and memorable. I have very bright fiery red hair, so I thought, let’s do a silk gown, leather jacket and my pop of color will be my hair. All the photos came out exceptionally!

What made the wedding personal to you?

The elopement was beyond personal because James and I did it alone. I knew that for us, the moments would just fly by and I wanted to really cherish it together. No fluff, no added seats, or thinking about who was going to wear what. It was just me and him, and it was perfect.
I did, however, plan a surprise for James. I set up a private scene in The San Marco square in Jacksonville, rented out the gazebo and hired the brilliant women at Love Gigi Events to set up a romantic, candle lit, cozy dance floor for James and I to have our first dance. I had a good friend, Lindsey, come play acoustic guitar and sing a couple songs. Our first dance song was ‘I Guess I’m In Love’ by Clinton Kane. It was just spectacular. Everything about our wedding was non traditional, so it felt fun and unexpected to do something traditional.

What were you most nervous or excited about?

VOWS! Holy cow, I am an emotional being and I can be huge sap. When I wrote my vows and read them out loud for the first time, I couldn’t even get through the first two sentences. I practiced over and over again, to make sure I could get through it all on the day.

Now, the most important part – the Dress!

Tell us about your dress? 

My wedding dress was everything. I wore the LINA gown, and the second that dress was on my body, I knew it was mine. It was just pure elegance. I felt sexy, beautiful, timeless, like a bride, but most importantly when I put it on, I just could not wait to marry my best friend.

What stockist did you get it from?

One Bridal, FL

What was your most memorable moment from your day?

James’ vows were very sweet. They had wit, class, romance, promises and laughter. I knew he was romantic, but they were above and beyond, and it made me fall in love with my husband all over again in that moment.

Vendors to credit:

//    Photography Colin Goodman Films    //    Bridal Boutique One Bridal    //    Event Coordinator Love Gigi Events    //    Florals Foxhound Floral    //

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