Jilee & Scott’s Wedding

Dive into the tale of Jilee and Scott Silva, who turned their Central Valley connection into a November 4, 2023 wedding at The Ritz-Carlton Bacara. From a surprise Maui proposal to the allure of Tara Lauren’s Temple gown, their day seamlessly blended modern vibes and timeless charm. Finally, at the reception fancy shoes gave way to matching sneakers, signature drinks flowed, and private vows set a unique tone for a day as distinctive as their love story.

Of her TEMPLE gown, Jilee said: “I put on the Temple gown and finally had my “this is my dress!” moment that I so badly wanted. I loved the sleeves, the beading, the fit, the neckline, and most of all how I felt in the dress. There was not one thing I wanted to change – it was meant to be!”

Names: Jilee and Scott

Wedding Date: 11.04.23

Guest Number: 140

Wedding Location: The Ritz-Carlton Bacara, Santa Barbara, CA

Photographer: McCall & Nikki Ryan Photography

Tell Us Your Love Story

How did you meet?

We grew up in the Central Valley of California exactly 17 miles away from one another. We never quite met but we certainly knew the other person existed. After leaving our hometown for college, we both eventually made our way back to Fresno and (unknowingly) back to each other. After seeing one another for the first time in years out at a restaurant / bar, Scott asked me on a date. We have been happily building a life ever since and will celebrate 5 years together in February 2024.


How Did He Put A Ring On It?

Scott and I were headed to Maui on a week-long tropical vacation. We were staying at a hotel we’d never stayed at before and they offered a free photo session on the beach. Scott knew that’s something I would love to do, so he planned the whole photo session for us. As the photo session made its way down to the end of the beach, the photographer asked if I’d like some solo shots to which I replied “nooo thanks.” Little did I know, they were trying to distract me so Scott could get the ring box from the photographer. Scott suggested that he and I stand back-to-back for a few photos and my inner monologue was screaming “What are we? In the 6th grade taking buddy photos?” but I did it anyway. I felt him leave my back and was so confused I turned around. Of course Scott was down on one knee, in the sand, asking me to marry him. It was an easy yes!

Where did you draw inspiration from?

I drew a lot of inspiration from both modern AND classic weddings. I know those are polar opposites but my goal was for the wedding to feel current, but also remain timeless. I wanted to keep enough classic elements (white roses, silver flatware, white linens) so that when I brought in more modern items (clear acrylic chairs, white satin bridesmaids dresses, baby’s breath altar arch), I wouldn’t look back on my wedding like it was following a trend.

What made the wedding personal to you?

We were really intentional with every detail to ensure that it represented our style and preferences. One of my favorite personal touches were our signature drinks: His, Hers, and Huey’s. Huey is our Goldendoodle and we made sure to have a drink menu with his picture and a signature drink just for him. Though our favorite personal touch has to be changing out of our ceremony shoes (dress shoes for him and heels for me) into matching sneakers for the reception. We even gifted sneakers to our bridal party as well. We wanted to dance and have fun without killing our feet and we love sneakers in general!

What were you most nervous or excited about?

We were so excited to see all of the little details we spent endless time planning come together. I could not wait to see the signage, the florals, the chairs, the dance floor, etc. Of course, we were most excited to get married surrounded by our favorite people. We have the best friends and family who lovingly celebrated with us all night!

Now, the most important part – the Dress!

Tell us about your dress? 

I saw the Tara Lauren Temple gown posted on my local boutique’s Instagram and quite literally could not get it out of my head. It felt like the perfect representative of everything I wanted my wedding to be: a modern take on the classic white wedding, but still timeless with a hint of glam. I should probably mention that by the time I saw this IG post, I had already bought and received a wedding dress, but there was a part of me that knew the Temple gown was the one I was meant to get married in. I called up my local boutique and they fit me in for an appointment right away. I put on the Temple gown and finally had my “this is my dress!” moment that I so badly wanted. I loved the sleeves, the beading, the fit, the neckline, and most of all how I felt in the dress. There was not one thing I wanted to change – it was meant to be!

What stockist did you get it from?

Ivory Bridal Boutique in Clovis, CA!

What was your most memorable moment from your day?

Scott and I did a first look where we read our vows privately to each another. It was so special to have a moment to share our promises to one another without any expectations or stress. We stood together and vowed to be each other’s for the rest of our days; it was beautiful.

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